Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, everyone!

I’m Jiayi Ye, a freshman at Emory University.

This blog is created for my English 221 course (Space, Place, and Self) taught by Professor Lauren Holt, which is focused on the relationship among space, place and self. This topic caught my eyes in the first class since it was tight closely to my own experience in different places.

During the semester, the multimodal projects and in-class discussion all bostered my writing skills and deepened my understanding of the “space, place, and self”.

(You can click on the following links and explore more!)

  • Getting to know space, place and self & Developing my own theory

  • Exploring my relationship with one or more places.

    • Text-Based Memoir—- My own story at home and at Emory. Comparison between them enhances my attachment to home.
  • Using different senses to approach the relationship between place and myself.

    • Visual-Based Memoir—-My affection to Lullwater Park is created through pleasant experiences there.
  • Rethinking the relationship among space, place and self throughout this semester.

    • Blog posts, Process works, and Presentation all inspired me to discover the details in my life and rethink my definition of space, place, and self.


Do you want to know more about space, place and self?

If you say “yes”, please start your journey from here and hope you enjoy your exploration of my website!







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